About Purchase

About Purchase (e-shop)

Purchasing Procedure

Please see the Purchasing Procedure section.

Purchase Conditions

Please see the Purchase Conditions section.

Products and their Forms

We offer two types of products for purchase in the e-shop: Libraries of Courses and Sets of Courses. A set of Courses is all two or all three levels of the Courses for the relevant MS Office application, e.g. the three courses:

  • MS Excel 2010 Introduction,
  • MS Excel 2010 Intermediate,
  • MS Excel 2010 Advanced.

A Library of Courses is a group of all the courses related to all the main applications of a specific version of MS Office supplemented by additional bonus courses such as the Windows OS course, for example. 

You can choose from following these three forms of product and purchase them according to your prefference as a DVD, a Download, or On-line.

A trial version becomes a full version when it is activated

Courses designed to be run on your computer are available in a free "Trial" version. If the courses are not activated, they will function in full-use mode for only the limited trial period from first running them. The course must then be activated using a valid "Licence Key", the one that you receive at the time that you purchase the product.
Activation transforms the trial version to a full-feature product while adjusting its compatibility with your computer. Courses can then be studied on your computer in their entirety, at any time and for an unlimited period.
In the case of online learning (using the "Online" form of the product), through the purchase of the product you acquire "Access" to the courses selected that are located in the learning environment on our servers. In this case the activation procedure is unnecessary and you can study the courses throughout the period of their validity, as defined in the specifications of the product, on any (technically compatible) computer with Internet access.
Extensions to the period of online access to courses can be purchased at a reduced rate.

Product Testing

If you are thinking about studying courses online directly from our servers, one way to test the product is by using just a couple of clicks, the first in the product catalog on the description of a selected group of courses (course sets), the second when you discover the DEMO link. Click this link to start-up the demo version.
If you wish to study courses on your computer, select the desired course-set in the product catalog and download the trial-version of the product.  

The trial version is not actually an already activated product and it has full functionality only during the trial period (or after "Activation" when using the purchased Licence Key - for additional information see "A trial version becomes a full version when it is activated"). The test period commences from the first running.