Course Licensing

Course Licensing

Individual licences

An individual licence is granted to a person or an organisation that has purchased a License Key. This key, following installation of a Set of Courses to computer disc, is used to activate the Set of Courses.
This Set of Courses can be installed from DVD-ROM or from files downloaded from our server. Each installed and activated Set of Courses can only be used by one user at a time.

Online study

Customers who are interested in using a set of courses for a limited time period, independently of their computer may purchase access to the set of courses on our server. As soon as the purchase is concluded the user can open the My Courses page in My Account the section and launch the course set from there.

Corporate licences

Organisations that require more than 50 user licenses are eligible to purchase a Volume License. According to the customer's requirements the licence can be either for a limited-time period or for an unlimited period. According to the manner of its usage a licence can be based on the number of concurrent or of named users or even on an unlimited number of users. A variety of combinations are possible.

Learning portal licences

Organisations that provide educational services (or other similar services) to public through the medium of their learning portals can be granted a licence to integrate our courses into their course portfolio and to sell access to the courses to their own customers.


In the event that you have any questions or if you have any specific enquiry, please contact us directly. We will be pleased to offer you the most favourable licencing conditions for your project.