MS Word 2007: Advanced

Instruction Language: English
Application Language: English
In this course you will familiarize yourself with advanced methods for working with large documents. You will learn to create a table of contents, indexes and tables of figures. You will also be creating envelopes, labels and a catalog making use of mail merge. You will learn how to work with graphics and organization charts. You will understand the basics of creating forms and learn how to use fields in your documents. You will familiarize yourself with creating macros, with the XML format and its usage in MS Word, with security and management of permissions for accessing documents.

Product code: EN-Wrd07-Wrd3


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  • Headers and sections in documents
  • Showing outline and organizing long documents
  • Master document with collapsed documents
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Generating index
  • Table of figures and table lists and other lists
  • Envelopes and labels
  • Form letters in mail merge
  • Data source used in merge mail
  • Envelopes and labels in mail merge
  • Catalog
  • Linking and inserting objects
  • Organization chart
  • Cycle diagrams and decorative headings
  • Drawing and work with graphic objects
  • Working with fields
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Bookmarks
  • Cross-references
  • Hyperlinks
  • Web presentation
  • Fill-in and form fields
  • Lock and print form
  • Macros
  • Document security
  • Permission control
  • Getting to know XML
  • Working with data in XML format
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ProductType Single courses
ApplicationLanguage English
EducationLanguage English